Change of Heart

Ryan never has trouble scoring.

For his pro hockey team, at least. Since divorcing his wife, things have been a little different in his love life. But he’s always there for his son, even it it means making time to help coach his hockey team. What he doesn’t expect is to find a new goal to shoot for: the team’s head coach. Love is the last thing he’s looking for when he walks into that ice rink, and certainly not with another man.

Nat doesn’t mind straight hockey guys.

At least, not when he’s watching them on TV. But he’s not going to let his son’s team turn into the kind of bullying mess that drove him away from playing the sport in the first place. Nat is going to be a different kind of coach, so it’s no surprise that he’s skeptical when a pro wants to be his assistant coach. But Ryan seems interested in more than just Nat’s coaching philosophy and the fact that they’re both single dads.

Falling into bed together is easy. Getting a team of ten-year olds to the championship is way harder. Can Ryan convince Nat that they’re a good combo on and off the ice, or will hockey push them apart just like it brought them together?

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Ava Thorpe

Hailing from the land of hockey and snow, Ava Thorpe is very familiar with how to keep the days hot and the nights even hotter. She’s a graphic designer by day, and an intrepid writer by night. She loves writing about people falling in love on and off the ice.

She lives with her partner and an adorable fluffy black cat.

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